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Towards SUSTAINABLE HIGH PERFORMANCE: Build and Converge the Commitment of All

Field experiences, including many in Japan, convinced me that to be sustainable, a high-level performance must be based on four pillars: customer satisfaction, just necessary, continuous improvement and, also, the pro-active commitment of everyone.

This commitment, all too often neglected and the most difficult to build, is essential in order to achieve high performance and to maintain it.

Seek pro-active commitment from all

This commitment translates into cooperation at all levels of management and between all departments, and then, in a very operational way, fuels a flow of “convergent initiatives”. These multiple initiatives,

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Operational Teams, Actors of the Plant Energies Performance

By Christian MAISONNEUVE, founder of Convergence&Performance

For ten years, Danone Fresh Dairy Products has been engaged in an industrial performance process known as DaMaWay (for Danone Manufacturing Way). Performance Energies are an important component of it and over a five year period, Danone’s fifty factories located around the world were able to post significant results in this area: more than a 30% reduction in total electric and thermal energies and more than a 40% reduction in total water consumption per ton of end product.

Clearly, as every manager knows, such progress cannot

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