Thirty years in Industrial and Quality top management positions (namely global positions with Valeo and Danone/Dannon) have given me the passion for designing and implementing sustainable performance systems. In all cases, the most important success driver is to align, even harmonise, methods and tools on one hand, and the company culture on the other hand.

DaMaWay (Danone Manufacturing Way) is a fantastic example: starting from an extremely fragmented organization following successive acquisitions, I orchestrated the construction of a high-performance culture which was implemented across the board in the Dannon Group (> 100 plants) with outstanding results in Costs, in Quality and in managerial behavior transformation at all hierarchical levels.

In my missions, Managers, and not the consultant, quickly become the leaders of performance continuous improvement and of people development. The methods and tools are often known, but less often deeply understood, and it’s always their managerial integration which is the most difficult challenge.

It’s a matter of progressing by people and not only with people, in a “triple win” Sustainable High Performance approach: for the personnel, for the customers and for the company itself !

This transformation can take place in the context of a new Performance Improvement approach or can strongly reinvigorate an approach which is having difficulties taking root in the Company back on track.

My motto : “When Company Ambition and People’s Aspirations meet”

Christian Maisonneuve

My Offer


Plant or Operations diagnosis focusing on performance itself as well as on the culture of continuous improvement and cross functional team co-operation (Production, Maintenance, Quality, HR..)


Design and deployment of a “Lean” Continuous Improvement approach, including development of People and Team initiatives, convergent with the Company’s ambition


Support of Executive/Management team (Company or Facility) in managerial transformations necessary to the sustainability of improvement approaches


Coaching Industrial Directors or Plant Managers to better cope with difficult challenges and to leverage performance in a new position

” My interventions aim to make each member of personnel the “owner” of his/her job, producing more Performance and Improvements each day “